Qatar Airways will resume flights to Algiers, Kiev, Miami, Phuket, Seychelles, Tbilisi and Warsaw

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Qatar Airways continued to fly during the pandemic as long as it could. He slalomed through travel restrictions and bans, continuing to transport passengers safely to networked destinations.

After a long period of global lockdown, Qatar Airways has begun to resume flights to more and more destinations. In October, it exceeded the threshold of 100 routes in the operational network. Qatar's main airline plans to fly to 125 destinations by the end of the 2020-2021 winter season.

In the near future, it will resume flights to other destinations, such as Algiers, Kiev, Miami, Phuket, Seychelles, Tbilisi and Warsaw. On other routes, Qatar Airways will increase frequencies.

  • Algiers (2 weekly flights, from November 13)
  • Chicago (increases frequency to 9 weekly flights, from November 15)
  • Kiev (3 weekly flights, since December 18)
  • Miami (2 weekly flights, from November 14)
  • New York (increases frequency to 14 weekly flights, from November 14)
  • Phuket (2 weekly flights, since December 4)
  • Seychelles (3 weekly flights, since December 15)
  • Tbilisi (a weekly flight, from November 5)
  • Warsaw (3 weekly flights, since December 16)

Qatar Airways has been able to take advantage of the benefits of its fleet and is one of the few airlines that continues to expand its operational network. The Qatar fleet consists of 237 aircraft of type A380, A350, B777, B787, A330, A320 and A319.

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