Questions and answers related to the COVID-19 digital certificate for travel to the EU!

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Because every day we face all kinds of questions regarding the COVID-19 digital certificate, we decided to take over these questions and answers offered even by the Romanian authorities. As you know, since August 13, the COVID-19 digital certificate is the only document recognized as proof vaccination / testing / disease recovery at the border crossing.

🔹 1. If a person has gone through the disease and holds a digital certificate, does he / she still need a negative RT-PCR test to travel?
No, it does not need a test, provided that it is between 14 and 180 days after confirmation of the disease.

🔹 2. Is it a condition of access for citizens coming from non-EU countries to enter a European country?
If citizens coming from non-EU countries are citizens of EU countries, they take digital certificates from the state of which they are citizens or where they reside. If the citizens belong to a non-EU state, as it is not possible to issue a digital certificate in that state, the citizens must present documents issued by the national authorities of the non-EU country.

🔹 3. If you hold a European digital certificate and travel from a red-listed country, do you still be quarantined when you enter a yellow-listed or green-listed EU country?
If you have a digital certificate attesting to vaccination or passing the disease, do not go into quarantine. If you have a digital certificate attesting only to the negative result of an RT PCR test, yes, you go into quarantine.

🔹 4. In the case of children, do you need a digital certificate to travel?
Minors up to 6 years old do not need any supporting documents. Children aged 6 to 12 years need proof of the result of a negative RT PCR test, validated by the digital certificate, obtained with parental consent.

Minors under the age of 6 do not need proof

In the case of minors between the ages of 12 and 14, a digital certificate obtained with the consent of the parents is required, a document attesting to the vaccination or the result of a negative RT PCR test. The digital certificate attesting to the vaccination or the negative result of a negative RT PCR test is also required for minors aged 14 to 18, but in this case, the consent of the parents is no longer required to obtain the digital certificate.

🔹 5. Do citizens have to pay for the issuance of the digital certificate?
The digital certificate is free, and the generation time can be from a few seconds to an hour, depending on the number of requests. When the certificate is generated, the person requesting it is notified by e-mail.

🔹 6. How to access and view the digital certificate?
Digital certificates can be accessed and viewed both from the certificate list - by selecting the certificate and by actually downloading, in * pdf format, the document, which can be printed. For support in issuing certificates or obtaining other information on their use, a Call Center has been operationalized at the telephone number 021.414.44.25.

🔹 7. Is it possible to cross the border without holding these certificates?
Yes, citizens can cross the border even without these certificates, but in compliance with the national quarantine rules of each state. Holding the digital certificate simplifies procedures and shortens the time to cross the border. Upon entering Romania, citizens who hold digital certificates have access to the green corridor. In the absence of this document, the verification procedures require more time.

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