Raluk, Ștefan Bănică and Zdob and Zdub will perform at the inauguration of Brașov Airport!

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The Brașov County Council is preparing a real festival to mark the opening of Brașov - Ghimbav International Airport. More precisely, a total budget of 10 lei, including VAT, has been prepared for the "Open Days" (June 11-15) and for the official inauguration of the airport (June 1.031.816), he announces brasovmetropolitan.ro.

Thus, between June 10 and 11, there will be days of open doors, when the people of Brasov are expected to attend concerts. There will be four concerts, supported by Raluk - which will collect 41.900 lei without VAT,  Stefan Bănica Junior - which will collect 76.250 lei without VAT, Olivia Adams - which will collect 18.250 lei without VAT,  Zdob and Zdub – which will collect 75.900 lei without VAT and Hadaway – which will collect 76.800 lei VAT.

The atmosphere will be maintained by a DJ (who will charge 7.500 lei without VAT for two days) and an MC (paid 7.380 lei without VAT for two days). 

In addition to the concerts, there will be air shows, laser shows, fireworks. People will also be able to visit some sections of the airport and watch live broadcasts from aircraft or the control tower. 

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