Reimbursement of airline tickets to RYANAIR during COVID-19 (update)

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COVID-19 pandemic managed to block 2 very important industries globally: aviation and tourism with all related branches of the hospitality industry. IATA warns that 25 million jobs are in danger globally. IATA also warns that over 2 million flights were canceled, and airlines do not have the cash to reimburse the value of airline tickets.

All airlines require patience from passengers in order to process all requests. Many of them have automated a process of issuing vouchers or rescheduling travel. Unfortunately, the repayment process is not as fast.

RYANAIR has updated the conditions for reimbursement of airline tickets.

The processing time for cash refunds takes much longer than normal. RYANAIR announced a volume of cancellations increased 1000 times compared to the pre-COVID period. RYANAIR also has 75% fewer employees available for processing refunds due to social distance restrictions.

RYANAIR offers free vouchers and rescheduling to all passengers affected by suspended / canceled flights. They are automated and are quick alternatives. Unfortunately, cash refunds cannot be automated. Customers who choose a voucher, but do not use it in 12 months, can request and obtain a refund after this 12-month period.

Passengers who do not accept a voucher or free rescheduling can only receive a refund after the coronavirus crisis passes. In the coming weeks and months, RYANAIR will make every effort to process claims as soon as possible.

The entire civil aviation industry is going through unique moments, as has not happened in the entire 100-year history of commercial flights. Not with such a big impact globally.

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