2018 Dubai International Airport Report: 89.1 million passengers

2018 Dubai International Airport Report: 89.1 million passengers

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Dubai International Airport (DXB) has been overtaken 89,1 million passengers. It maintains, for the fifth consecutive year, the leading position in international passenger traffic.

But the growth was only 1% compared to 2017, much less than the increase in 2017 compared to 2016, when it was 5.5%. Plus the missed target announced by 90,3 millions of passengers that was not reached.

89.1 million passengers

Officially, Dubai International Airport registered 89.145.387 passengers . That means a monthly average of 7,4 million passengers. However, in July and August, passenger traffic exceeded the threshold of 8 million passengers, reaching 8,2 and 8,4 million passengers respectively.

India maintained its first position among countries flying to / from Dubai International Airport, with passenger traffic reaching 12,279 million. The main destinations in India are Mumbai, Delhi and Cochin.

Arabia saudita ranks second with 6.47 million customers, closely followed UK with 6.284 millions of passengers. The other major countries are United States (3.205.524 of customers) and fast growing markets in China (3.512.075, + 6%) and Russia (1.533.654, + 14,5%).

London, number 1 on the DXB network

The three main cities of the Dubai International Airport network were last year: London (3.817.889 customers), Mumbai (2.540.750) and Kuwait (2.194.576). Eastern Europe is the fastest growing region, with a percentage of + 16,7%, followed by CIS with + 12,9% and Africa with 9,8%.

Number of aircraft movements remained virtually unchanged at 408.251 (a slight decrease of -0,3%), while the average number of customers per flight rose slightly to 226 (+ NEVER%).

In terms of cargo, 2.461.383 tonnes of cargo passed through Dubai International Airport (down by -0.5% compared to 2017). With regard to luggage, 74.9 millions have passed through Dubai International Airport luggage (+ 3.1%).

Punctuality : Waiting time “a was reduced by 28%”In 2018 according to the press release of the airport.

Dubai International Airport remains the third airport in the world, after the total number of passengers, alongside Atlanta and Beijing. It is the sixth airport in the world by cargo capacity.

And undoubtedly, it is the number 1 in the world after the number of A380 and B777 aircraft served. This is due to Emirates.

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