Pakistan plane crash report: Pilots talking about coronavirus!

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The Aviation Accident Investigation Team (AAIB) of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released the preliminary report on accident on May 22, 2020, in Pakistan.

We remind you that on May 22, 2020, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane flying from Lahore to Karachi (# PK8303) crashed near Karachi airport.

The aircraft involved was Airbus A320 AP-BLD - 15.7 years. It carried 99 people on board, 91 passengers and 8 crew members. As a result of the tragic accident, 97 people lost their lives. 2 passengers escaped with their lives. Among the victims was a resident of the residential neighborhood.

Below is the full report!

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But it was not the report that attracted my interest, but the statement made by the Minister of Aviation of Pakistan, Ghulam Sarwar. He stated that "about 40% of Pakistani pilots have fake flight licenses". And the report highlights that the pilots were distracted by a discussion about the new coronavirus. Probably for these reasons they forgot to leave the landing gear, they even ignored some errors heard in the cockpit.

And not only the pilots are suspicious in this case, but also the air traffic controllers on that turn. According to the report, the air traffic controller did not transmit to the aircraft the information that the landing gear was being retracted, which led to damage to both engines on the first landing attempt.

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