Boeing 2018 report: 806 commercial aircraft delivered to 2018

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Year 2018 was good for the big manufacturers of commercial airplanes. I introduced you the Airbus report on 2018. And in this article we present the Boeing report on 2018.

It was a good year for the largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. Delivered 806 aircraft and recorded orders for 900 aircraft.

December was the best, managing to deliver 69 aircraft from the Boeing 737 family and thus reach a total of 806 units delivered last year. It is a new record for the company, surpassing that of 2017 when 763 was delivered by aircraft.

Boeing delivered 580 from 737 aircraft

Boeing has managed to increase 737 aircraft production to a maximum of 52 units / month. It should be noted that more than half of the aircraft delivered to the 2018 were from the 737 family. Specifically, Boeing delivered 580 from 737 aircraft, including the first MAX 9.

The difference up to 806 units delivered was passed among widebody aircraft: 777, 787, 767 and 747-8. It is worth mentioning that Boeing also introduced cargo aircraft in this statistic.

The 777 and 737 MAX programs have reached historical thresholds for registered orders. The Boeing 777 family of aircraft has exceeded the 2000 threshold of ordered units, while the Boeing 737 MAX has exceeded the 5000 threshold of ordered aircraft.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft family continues its upward trend. In 2018, Boeing delivered 145 of 787 Dreamliner aircraft and recorded orders for 109 units. Thus, the 787 Dreamliner program has exceeded the 1400 threshold of controlled aircraft.

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