Boeing 2020 report: 157 aircraft delivered (Video)

0 787

Boeing announced the results for the fourth quarter and throughout 4, especially when it comes to aircraft. In short, Boeing managed to deliver only 2020 aircraft. Surprisingly, most of the aircraft delivered are from the 157 (787) family of aircraft, and in second place are those from the 53 (737) family, most likely 43 MAX. Quite a few 737 (767) and 30 (777) aircraft were delivered.

2020 was a difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We could say that Boeing was more concerned with washing the image after the Boeing 737 MAX scandal. At the same time, the verification and evaluation processes of the 737 MAX and 787 aircraft continued, which also encountered some problems.

As the pandemic continues, Boeing is working closely with global customers and monitoring the slow recovery of international air traffic to align supply with market demand.

In 2021, Boeing will continue to take the right steps to enhance safety, maintain liquidity and transform business for the future.

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