Rasnov Fortress and Regio funds

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I like to travel, fly, discover new places, in the country and abroad. Before we discover the beauty of other countries, I think we should discover Romania, a country that you can rarely see in the world. I like to visit areas with beautiful landscapes, to breathe, but also castles, fortresses and many other monuments loaded with history.

One of the many places I want to reach is also the Tărăneascu Râşnov Fortress, an objective that is not very difficult to reach. I only heard beautiful stories, delighted people and I saw beautiful images of the city and its surroundings.

I was happy to read about the involvement of the local authorities, who plan to restore the fortress and even build an elevator for access to the Râşnov Fortress on an inclined plane, all by attracting Regio funds. For this lift, the financing contract with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration has been signed since June 2013, the total amount amounting to 15.3 million lei, of which almost 6 million lei from the European Fund for Regional Development.

According to the proposed technical solution, the elevator running path of 165 m length will be traveled in approximately 1 minutes and 10 seconds. The elevation of the elevator on an inclined plane will reduce the travel time to Cetate, from 24 minutes to 15 minutes. The lift capacity of this lift will be 648 persons / day, which will lead, according to the initiators of the project, to increase the number of visitors of Râşnov Fortress by 16%, from 198.226 to 229.942 persons, at the end of the first year of operation of the investment. .

The entire duration of the project is 17 months, which means that the elevator will become operational by the end of 2014. You can read more about this project on the 14 page of the Regio Magazine (No. 25, February 2014).

This shows that many beautiful investments can be made if we really want to. We have seen many funds spent inefficiently, but we also have clear evidence to the contrary. We have seen historical monuments rehabilitated on Regio funds, we have seen pensions and hotels built by attracting such funds and many other infrastructure projects.

Râșnov Fortress is the fortified complex located on the limestone hill south of the city of Râșnov, Brașov county, one of the best preserved fortified assemblies in Transylvania. The oldest structures preserved to date date from the 14th century, probably on the site of the wooden fortification erected by the Teutonic Knights at the beginning of the 12th century. XIII. The city of Râşnov is located in the upper part of the Barsa Country, about 15 km southwest of the city of Brasov, on the old commercial road that linked - through the Bran pass - the old city of Brasov to the former capital of the Romanian Country, Campulung Muscel.

I can't tell you much about Râşnov Fortress because I haven't arrived yet, but there are many travel bloggers and not only who have visited these places: Anda (photo), Petrus, Aura and the list remains open. I will come back with more details after I personally visit these wonderful places.

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