RATB will supplement the number of buses on routes 780 and 783

RATB will supplement the number of buses on routes 780 and 783

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As expected, RATB will supplement the number of buses on the lines to Henri Coanda Airport. It took 3 days for the Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMTB) to request the addition of the RATB 780 and 783 routes. It seems that they were convinced that the number of passengers increased considerably after moving the low-cost lines to Otopeni.

Thus, the number of buses on the 780 line, which connects between Basarab Station and Henri Coanda Airport, will be supplemented by 34%.

On the 783 route, between Unirii Square and Henri Coanda Airport, the number of buses will increase with 20% on weekdays and with 50% on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also, the bus time from 35 to 25 minutes for the 780 line and from 30 to 15 minutes for the 783 line was also reduced.

I think that some measures will be taken regarding the transport of passengers to Otopeni Airport, maybe even at night!

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  2. […] To make it clear to everyone, we also explain the mechanism. The arrivals terminal has the ground floor and the 1 floor. The two help desks are located on the 1 floor. Find information on taxi companies and prices, but there are people ready to help you with more information. The taxi can be ordered through the phones made available for free or through your own phone. Following the request, an indicative is communicated. At the aforementioned offices, you must complete a ticket with the taxi company and the sign of the car to arrive. This information is entered into a system. Based on the ticket, exit the terminal on the 1 floor and wait for the corresponding machine. Please note that custom taxis come ONLY to the 1 floor. On the ground floor you will find free taxis, most of them with 3.5 lei / km. From the ground floor you can also take the RATB express buses 780 and 783. [...]

  3. ioana says

    please help me with little information about the program
    RATB 783 from Heri Coanda Airport to Piata Uniri 2 this day the program I want to know thank you with the hope that I will be well informed

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      - here you have the program for Unirii Square

      - here you have the program to the airport

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