Coronavirus: Recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus infection in travel

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In the context of the issuing of a global alert by the WHO regarding the new coronavirus, the Romanian Ministry of Health keeps the measures for airports and the medical units, established since January 26, 2020 by the Inter-ministerial Committee for the monitoring and management of possible coronavirus infections.

There are also some recommendations for preventing coronavirus infection in travel. Those planning to visit China or another country affected by 2019-nCoV pneumonia should avoid visiting "wet markets" or places where living or dead animals are handled and avoid contact with sick people, particularly those with symptoms. respiratory.

Prevention of coronavirus infection

Travelers planning to visit China or another country affected by 2019-nCoV pneumonia should respect good hand and food hygiene and avoid contact with animals, their feces or faeces.

In addition, due to the intense epidemic influenza activity in China, travelers should be vaccinated against influenza at least 2 weeks prior to travel to prevent severe respiratory illness.

In the end, it all comes down to good hygiene and protection from others. It would be ok to wear a surgical mask, have a disinfectant gel with you. Eat bottled drinks, well-washed vegetables and fruits.

Travel with acute respiratory symptoms

Travelers with acute respiratory symptoms, who return from or have traveled to China or another country affected by 2019-nCoV pneumonia, are advised to immediately contact the airport medical office and mention the travel history. If symptoms occur within a maximum of 14 days after returning to the country, call 112, show up at an infectious disease department / hospital or the nearest emergency department or hospital.

I think we've all heard of viral pneumonia (Coronavirus) in China. The last balance is not pleasant at all. The number of confirmed coronavirus deaths in China has reached 304 deaths, after authorities in the Hubei province, the outbreak of the epidemic, announced 45 new deaths on Sunday.

On Sunday, however, the first death outside the territory of China, in the Philippines, was recorded, so that the total balance amounts to 305 dead. On January 30, the Wuhan coronavirus was declared a global health emergency by the WHO.

More and more airlines announced the cancellation of flights to / from China. Even Chinese companies have canceled thousands of domestic and international flights. The governments of several countries have organized special flights for the repatriation of citizens of the Whan region.

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