Recommendations of holiday destinations for families with children

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It is a challenge for many parents when they have to choose a destination that will appeal to several generations, especially when it comes to a low budget. In the summer season, the selection process is easier, targeting beach destinations, but what to do in the cooler seasons, such as autumn, winter or spring?

Before choosing a holiday destination, you must first consider the children and their level of effort. If we're talking about small children, under six, you definitely don't want a destination where you'll be walking a lot and sightseeing. They will get tired quickly, they will be impatient and they will demand that you go back to the hotel, and you certainly don't want to carry them in your arms.

If you choose to visit amusement parks, you should do your research on children's access to the premises, what activities there are, and what age the little ones must be to enjoy the experiences. Not all amusement parks are dedicated to toddlers or children under a certain age.

In an attempt to cover a variety of ages for little ones, below is a list of holiday destinations for families with children.

Paris – Disneyland

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Paris can be an accessible destination for families with small children, being a three-hour flight from Romania. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with numerous amusement parks, attractive sights for the little ones, gardens and parks where you can relax and even have lunch. Inevitably, if you decide to travel with the little ones to Paris, also schedule a visit to Disneyland, one of the largest amusement parks in the world.

Disneyland Paris is just as fun as its American counterparts, with a touch of European exotica (Mickey speaks fluent French). It's a short train ride from the city, but well worth the trip. Little ones can meet and interact with their favorite cartoon characters. In the fall, Disneyland hosts both Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Consider Fast Pass to avoid huge lines.

Brașov – Dino Park

Brașov can be a destination dedicated to families with children because it is an elegant, medieval city with numerous places to relax and amazing views. In addition to these aspects, in the vicinity of Brașov there are numerous amusement parks, children's paradise. You can visit Dino Parc, a park dotted with many life-sized dinosaurs, and here we can mention Albertosaurus, Allosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and many others. Within the park there is also a 9D cinema, zip line, adventure trail, exhibitions, laser maze and playgrounds.

Bucharest – Dino Park

Dino Park Bucharest
Dino Park Bucharest

Bucharest can be a suitable destination for families with children. You don't have to travel abroad to make your little ones happy. If you are not from Bucharest, you can travel by personal car, train or plane to the capital. To avoid long and tiring journeys by car, the plane could be a solution for those from Timișoara, Cluj, Iași and the north of the country. Then call a company of car rentals Bucharest and you can choose a family car to move more easily around the city and its surroundings.

Once you arrive in Bucharest, you can go to the city of knowledge, an interactive museum for children, you can visit the dinosaur exhibition from Dino Park Bucharest at the National Museum of Geology, to the theater or shows organized for the little ones.

Antalya – all inclusive and in the off-season

If you want a relaxing holiday in warmer destinations, Antalya can be an ideal choice. Even in the off-season, such as spring or autumn, the temperatures in Antalya are ideal for a pleasant holiday. At the same time, you can opt for a luxury hotel with all inclusive services, the rates being much more affordable outside the summer season. All inclusive and ultra all inclusive stays are highly sought after by families with children, especially since they are accessible throughout the year and you can sunbathe even in late autumn. And the resorts have numerous distance parks, slides, swimming pools and activities dedicated to the little ones.

Dubai – the cosmopolitan and complex destination


Dubai is one of the most exciting holiday destinations for families with children, offering a total experience for all ages. You can enjoy from fine sandy beaches to leisure and fun activities. It can be a luxury destination if you opt for 5* accommodation and complex activities, but it can also be a budget destination if you choose to fly with low-cost operators and 3* and 4* accommodation.

Dubai is a city dotted with numerous amusement parks, but also museums, zoos, water parks, adventure parks and themed exhibitions for the little ones. Regardless of the age of the children, you will definitely not be bored, and the children will be delighted and happy.

Consider doing different outdoor activities as well, such as hiking, biking, playing team sports, having a picnic, and more.

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