Record: Azores Airlines flew 9.5 hours, non-stop, with an Airbus A321LR

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Azores Airlines broke its own record for the longest flight with an Airbus A321LR. The airline flew 7.874 km between Oakland, USA, and Lajes, Azores.

In January 2021, an Airbus A321LR operating Azores Airlines S46865 claimed the record for the longest commercial A321LR flight in terms of duration on a charter flight from Lisbon to Bogotá. The race was 9 hours and 49 minutes.

The Airbus A321 aircraft, registration CS-TSI, joined the Azores Airlines fleet in October 2020. The aircraft is less than a year old and is already breaking record after record. The aircraft left Oakland, off the west coast of the United States at 13:31 local time. After remaining in the air for nine and a half hours, the aircraft landed in the Azores just before 06:00, on the morning of Wednesday, September 8.

Accordingly, the aircraft was repainted in November last year, and the word "Inspire" was added to the fuselage. The record flight was covered over a distance of 4.251 nautical miles (7.874 km), surpassing Azores Airlines' previous record of 7.651 km, set in January.

The Airbus A321LR aircraft that operated the record flight from Lisbon to Bogota in January is the same aircraft used to set the new record.

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