Simple rules for a safe flight with Blue Air - travel planning, boarding, flight, disembarkation!

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In accordance with The order no. 984/829/2020 issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport and with Aviation Health Safety Protocol, in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic issued by EASA, Blue Air introduces additional protection and prevention measures for its passengers.

From trip planning to boarding:

1. We recommend that you check in and purchase services online, such as payment for extra luggage and priority boarding.

2. Consult and observe all health protection instructions published by Blue Air.

3. If you experience symptoms of respiratory illness on the day of travel, request a rescheduling of the flight, based on a medical opinion.

4. Prepare a sufficient number of masks for the entire duration of the trip, as well as the necessary disinfectant.

5. Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

6. Companions are not allowed to enter the airport, except in cases of special assistance, inserted in the reservation (eg wheelchair, unaccompanied minor, etc.).

7. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other passengers.

8. Wear a face mask, applied correctly over the nose, mouth and chin.

9. Replace the protective mask every 4 hours, or when it gets wet or dirty.

10. You can board with one hand luggage.

Throughout the flight and during landing:

1. Protective mask, applied correctly over the nose, mouth and chin, it is mandatory throughout the flight. Remove the mask only for serving drinks and food.

2. Replace the protective mask every 4 hours, or when it gets wet or dirty. Throw the used one in a closed trash can or hand it to the cabin crew in a bad air bag.

3. Avoid traveling in the passenger compartment. Tail formation in toilets is not allowed.

4. Disinfect your hands frequently with an alcohol-based product, or wash with soap and water, especially before eating or drinking or after going to the bathroom.

5. Avoid approaching anyone who shows signs or symptoms of respiratory infections.

6. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, inform the cabin crew.

7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

8. Minimize contact with aircraft surfaces. Avoid using air nozzles on board.

9. When you cough and sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed. If you use a napkin, immediately throw it in a closed trash can or hand it to the cabin crew in a bad air bag.

10. On-board service consists only of prepackaged products. When you buy products on board, as much as possible, make the payment with the card.

11. Do not form queues at landing. Stay seated until the aisle is cleared in your area.

12. The aircraft is disinfected daily by nebulization and is equipped with HEPA filters, which capture 99,97% of the microbes from the filtered air.

From landing to departure from the airport:

1. Wearing a face mask, applied over the nose and mouth, it is mandatory.

2. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other passengers, including the luggage compartment.

Fly safely!

Blue Air has implemented sound safety protocols on board its aircraft. Blue Air was the first and only airline in Romania whose aircraft were subjected daily to the nebulization process, using substances that sterilize the entire space in which they are distributed. This modern process of sterilization and disinfection will be maintained indefinitely.

In addition, Blue Air aircraft are equipped with HEPA air filters, which capture over 99,97% of the airborne microbes in the filtered air, and passengers are provided with alcohol and disinfectant gel wipes.

Related to regular domestic flights from Blue Air, these are active in the booking system from 2 July. Normally, Blue Air has announced the resumption of frequent commercial flights starting with July 2020. The resumption of the activity will come with operational changes: fleet reduced, destinations eliminated, number of flights reducedList of Blue Air destinations with flights from Bucharest, after July 1, 2020. List of Blue Air destinations with flights from Bacau, after July 1, 2020. The list of Blue Air destinations with flights from IAȘI, after July 1, 2020.

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