Repatriation flight on the route Dubai - Chisinau - Bucharest, on April 4, 2020

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According The Consulate General of Romania in Dubai, the repatriation flight on the route Dubai - Chisinau - Bucharest was APPROVED. It will be on April 4, 2020.

There are still places available. Those interested can buy tickets until April 4, local time 11:00, by request at the email address [email protected] There will be no other repatriation flights from Dubai to Romania.

Return flight from Dubai

This is the only sure possibility of returning to Romania until the resumption of the line races. The persons who sent the request in writing to the consulate, for the flight of repatriation, received the link for the reservation and the direct payment. Passengers must arrive at Dubai Airport Terminal 2 at 11:00.

2 representatives of the consulate will be present for flight coordination, according to local MFA instructions. They will carry as a distinctive sign the flag of Romania.

The flight will be operated by Blue Air and will have the code 0B9750. It will depart from Dubai at 14:00 (local time) and will land in Bucharest at 20:05 (local time).

The information message was signed by Nicoleta Teodorovici, the consul general. Together with the Consular Team, they made every effort, day and night, to make this flight as soon as possible.

And let's not forget. Everyone arriving in Dubai will be in solitary confinement at home for 14 days, according to the new updates made by the National Institute of Public Health.

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