Repatriation flights from the United Arab Emirates to Romania with FlyDubai and Etihad

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The Consulate General of Romania in Dubai has announced several special repatriation flights from the United Arab Emirates to Romania. They will be operated by FlyDubai, Etihad and Air Arabia.

Etihad will operate flight EY9635

On 14 May, Etihad will operate flight EY9635, on the route Abu Dhabi - Bucharest. It will take off from Abu Dhabi around 09.00 and will arrive in Bucharest around 12.45.

Rates: AED 1600 for economy class and AED 6500 for business class.

The Etihad company said:
- the reservation and payment of the ticket is made by telephone through the ETIHAD call center
-telephone numbers dedicated to this flight: Duty mobile 050 1110600; Landlines 02 51 5500/02 599 0380. Email: [email protected] The flight is open only to Romanian citizens. Website:.

All the necessary information is obtained from the airline that manages this flight.

FlyDubai will operate flight FZ8249

On 26 May, FlyDubai will operate flight FZ8249, on the route Dubai - Bucharest. It takes off from Dubai at 10.20. We reiterate the mandatory condition of the company to meet the minimum number of 125 people for the flight to be operational. The approval of the flight depends on the measures to restrict air traffic, adopted by the Emirati authorities, in the context of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A fare reduction was also approved, the ticket price starts at AED 2200 instead of AED 2600, with 20 kg of luggage included. Reservation and payment are made directly on website flydubai. FlyDubai directly provides you with information on additional luggage and payment with vouchers, refunds, etc. The Consulate General of Romania in Dubai will communicate the number of passengers daily.

If you have relatives or acquaintances stuck in the United Arab Emirates and want to return to Romania, contact the air operators mentioned above or Consulate General of Romania in Dubai.

Flights may be subject to schedule changes, may be canceled or suspended in accordance with the decisions of the authorities. Be careful and travel responsibly!

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  1. Sorin says

    Well, repatriation flights from the states when will they be?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      When they will be organized. This is done by government authorities together with air operators.

  2. Anonymous says

    "The Consulate General of Romania in Dubai has announced several special repatriation flights from the United Arab Emirates to Romania. These will be operated by FlyDubai, Etihad and Air Arabia. ”?!?!
    The situation is as follows:
    Etihad announced a "repatriation flight" on 13.05 after 16:00 with departure on 14.05 at 10:00, this was a cargo flight and they probably realized late that they could make some money with passengers who had their luggage ready at the door!
    Air arabia and FlyDubai sent price quotations and flydubai was in the end the only one that put online the repatriation flight from 26.05 (but I want at least 125 passengers with 2200 aed / pers plus taxes "of course no one crowds for purchases when besides the peppered price also set many conditions (eg they will return the money in vouchers, if we are 110-120 they will recalculate the price, if the date changes we pay "rebooking fee" etc.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We publish official information without distorting it. Each passenger, each person acts as he sees fit and in accordance with his needs. The detailed information and other ones, enter in the attributions of the passenger. We do not sell tickets, we do not operate flights.

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