The repatriation scandal in Mexico. The Romanian Embassy in Mexico recommends that you do NOT make tourist trips to Mexico

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These days I read how dozens of Romanians were deported from Mexico, without being allowed to enjoy the dream vacation and bought for a lot of money. I read all sorts of stories from those directly involved, such as the case of a family that was separated in Mexico. The mother and child were returned from the road, while the father received approval to enter Cancun.

The deportation scandal in Mexico.

Dozens of other Romanians, who traveled with Air France, KLM, Lufthansa or British Airways, went through the same sad situations, being detained for several hours, interviewed, treated as criminals and then deported to Europe.

The trip to Mexico is a lottery. Some say this problem is older, even before the pandemic. But with the pandemic, controls are tighter and the number of deportees is higher.

Below you have a video on this subject from BackPackYourLife and the message from the Romanian Embassy in Mexico.

Taking a look at the Facebook page of the Romanian Embassy in Mexico, I saw the following message posted on December 30, 2020.

‼️IMPORTANT! Travel conditions for Romanian citizens who, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic🦠, want to travel to Mexico🇲🇽, Belize🇧🇿Guatemala🇬🇹, El Salvador🇸🇻, Honduran🇭🇳, Nicaraguan🇳🇮 and Costa Rica🇨🇷 can be found on the MFA website:

UN Embassy❌🚫 recommends making non-essential (tourist) trips in the midst of a pandemic🦠, all the more so as the public health services🚑🏥 of the region are either saturated📈, be very precarious📉, and private ones involve extremely high costs (in the order of thousands of dollars💵). We also remind you that migration policy👮🏻‍♂️ (of permission✅ or refuse❌ entry of a foreigner into the national territory) is a strictly sovereign policy of each country and in case of a rejection🛂✖️ at the border the Embassy cannot change the decision taken by the migration officers🛫.

I took a look at that too MAE website (information available on February 1, 2021) to see what it says about the conditions of entry into Mexico in the context of the pandemic.

As of March 12, 2020, sanitary controls have been temporarily introduced at all border crossings.

Mexico City International Airport is only allowed for those who prove that they are making an essential trip., whereas the center of the country has re-entered, starting with December 19, 2020, in the red code of the epidemiological traffic light. Persons who cannot prove this with proof, shall be rejected at the border and sent back with the first available flight. 

Foreign nationals who declare that they are entering Mexico for tourist purposes, to get married or for other purposes that are not considered essential (and that can be postponed) are not allowed to enter through this airport.

At Cancun International Airport, immigration authorities have imposed much stricter controls as the Riviera Maya tourist area (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc.) has re-entered the orange code of the epidemiological traffic light, and the capacity of hotels, restaurants and sights has been reduced to 50% while beaches, shopping malls and shops can operate at only 30% of capacity.

In conclusion, it would be good to forget about Mexico for a while. The trip to Mexico has now become a lottery that I don't think you want to take part in. The authorities themselves say it!

If you still choose to travel to Mexico, ask for more information at the travel agency through which you are traveling. Document yourself and travel assumed! Get ready for anything!

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