ASN 2018 report: 15 accidents and 556 deceased persons

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Another year has passed, and the Aviation Safety Network draws the line and presents the report of aviation accidents. In 2018, 15 accidents were recorded as a result of which 556 people lost their lives.

2018 was a pretty good year, but not the best. Reported to 2017, the number of accidents increased from 10 to 15, and the number of deceased persons increased from 44 to 556.

15 accidents and 556 deceased

It is true that 2018 was the year with the most commercial flights recorded worldwide, approximately 37 800 000. Thus, it appears that a plane crash was recorded with victims on 2 520 000 flights.

In terms of air safety, 2018 is in the top 3 in the number of accidents recorded.

ASN monitors all commercial, passenger and cargo flights. The report does not include aviation accidents involving military aircraft.

It should be mentioned that 12 aviation accidents were on commercial passenger flights, and 3 involved cargo aircraft. In 3 aviation accidents with passengers, the aircraft of some "blacklisted" airlines in the European Union were involved.

Among the most tragic aviation accidents recorded in 2018, we mention: CU972 Cubana flight accident - 111 deceased persons; Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico aircraft; JT610 Lion Air flight crash; DHC-8-Q400 (S2-AGU) US-Bangla Airlines aircraft collapsed in Kathmandu; Accident flight 6W703.

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