IATA report: 2020 was the weakest year for air transport, registering a decrease of 60.2% in the number of passengers carried compared to the previous year.

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IATA presented a report with the latest World Air Transport Statistics (WATS). It shows that 2020 was the weakest year for global air transport.

The strong influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the airline industry, which has led to low revenues, limited passenger traffic and significant financial losses, can be seen.

According to the IATA report, due to the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector, only 1,8 billion passengers flew during 2020, down 60,2% from 2019, when approximately 4,5 were reported. , XNUMX million passengers.

In 2020, international passenger demand (DPRK) decreased by 75,6%, while domestic air passenger demand (DPRK) decreased by 48,8% compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Moreover, the same report revealed that air connectivity has fallen by more than 50% in 2020, as many routes have been suspended due to a lack of passengers. In addition, passenger airline revenues decreased by 69% and net losses totaled EUR 106,5 billion.

"2020 was a year we would all like to forget. But the analysis of performance statistics for the year in question reveals an amazing story of perseverance. In the wake of the April 2020 crisis, 66% of the world's commercial air transport fleet was detained on the ground as governments closed borders or imposed strict quarantines. One million jobs have disappeared. And year-round industry losses totaled $ 126 billion, "he said IATA Director-General Willie Walsh.

According to IATA, citizens of the following countries traveled by plane in 2020:

  • United States (9,7% of total passengers or 45,7 million)
  • United Kingdom (8,6% of total passengers or 40,8 million)
  • Germany (6,5% of total passengers or 30,8 million)
  • France (4,9% of total passengers or 23,3 million)
  • India (3,7% of total passengers or 17,4 million)

The report also pointed out that, depending on passenger demand (CPR), the most significant decrease was observed in Europe, which fell by 70,7% (290,3 million) in 2020 compared to the previous period. pandemic.

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