Retrospective of 2020 in aviation: plane crashes, coronavirus, canceled flights, bankrupt airlines

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2020 has not been an easy year for aviation and tourism. It started with a tragic plane crash in Iran, continued with a huge pandemic crisis with the new coronavirus, followed by many months of crisis with canceled flights and bankrupt airlines, and the end comes with the first vaccine shipments for COVID -19.

In 2020, aviation has moved from crowded airports and a prosperous period to pandemic survival techniques. At the same time, it went from the crisis of pilots and navigators to massive layoffs due to the crisis generated by the pandemic with the new coronavirus.

But let's review the most important events in aviation and tourism recorded in 2020.

Retrospective of 2020 in aviation

January 2020

08.01.2020 - Plane accident: A Boeing 737 Ukraine International Airlines crashed in Iran
13.01.2020 - Airlines: Bankruptcy of Ernest Airlines
16.01.2020 - Airlines: Launch of Animawings
25.01.2020 - Airplanes: The first flight operated by Boeing 777X
27.01.2020 - Plane accident: A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Caspian Airlines arrived on a street in Iran

February 2020

04.02.2020 - Airplanes: The 350th Airbus A350 XWB was delivered to Air France
05.02.2020 - Plane accident: a Boeing 737-800 Pegasus aircraft crashed in Istanbul (Spectacular images)
05.02.2020 - Airlines: Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic launch one of the most important partnerships from the world
09.02.2020 - Flights: Speed ​​record on the route New York - London
09.02.2020 - Plane accident: The Boeing 737-500 UTair went off the runway in Usinsk
11.02.2020 - Airlines: The bankruptcy of Air Italy
12.02.2020 - Airlines: Atlasglobal bankruptcy
12.02.2020 - Furtuna Ciara: Dash 8-400 FlyBe landed spectacularly at London-Heathrow
13.02.2020 - Airplanes: Airbus Maveric presentation
14.02.2020 - Airlines: The new Aegean livery
16.02.2020 - Skytrax Awards: TOP 5 best airlines in the world
18.02.2020 - Airplanes: The first ATR 72-600 TAROM was delivered
19.02.2020 - Airports: Syria's Aleppo Airport has been reopened to air passenger traffic
23.02.2020 - Airports: Fire at Otopeni Airport

March 2020

05.03.2020 - Airlines: Flybe went bankrupt
07.03.2020 - Airlines: Aegean Airlines buys 25% of Animawings
11.03.2020 - Triggering the pandemic of coronavirus (Covid-19)
11.03.2020 - Coronavirus: The United States restricts travel to / from Europe
16.03.2020 - Flights: Air Tahiti Nui operated the direct Papeete-Paris flight (the longest flight in the world, with a length of 15715 kilometers)
24.03.2020 - Flights: EL AL operated the Perth - Tel Aviv flight (first commercial flight between Australia and Israel)
28.03.2020 - Airplanes: Qantas retracts Boeing 747-400
29.03.2020 - Plane accident: An aircraft crashed on the runway of Manila airport and caught fire! (video)
29.03.2020 - Flights: Austrian Airlines operated the Vienna - Sydney flight (the longest in the company's history)
29.03.2020 - Flights: SWISS operated the flight Santiago (Chile) - Zurich (Switzerland) (the longest in the company's history)

April 2020

01.04.2020 - Airlines: Royal Air Maroc is a full member of the Oneworld Alliance
02.04.2020 - Flights: SAS operated the Copenhagen - Lima flight (the longest in the company's history)
08.04.2020 - Airports: Wuhan opened after 76 days of isolation
20.04.2020 - Airlines: 4 Norwegian subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden went bankrupt
20.04.2020 - Flights: Humanitarian flight to St. Helena Island
27.04.2020 - Flights: Air Canada operated the Sydney - Toronto flight (the longest in the company's history)

May 2020

05.05.2020 - Plane accident: Embraer EMB 120, shot down "by mistake" in Somalia. 6 victims!
11.05.2020 - SkyTrax Awards: TOP 10 best airports in the world
22.05.2020 - Plane accident: An Airbus A320 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed near Karachi
30.05.2020 - The first SpaceX and NASA mission with astronauts.

June 2020

04.06.2020 - Airplanes: The first Airbus A320neo Wizz Air
06.06.2020 - Airplanes: The first Animawings plane
17.06.2020 - Coronavirus: Australia has closed its borders until 2021, with little exceptions.
28.06.2020 - Airplanes: Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines took over the first COMAC ARJ21 aircraft

July 2020

01.07.2020 - Official Announcement: EASA has banned Pakistan International Airlines from European airspace
29.07.2020 - Official Announcement: Production of Boeing 747 aircraft will stop in 2022 (Video)

August 2020

07.08.2020 - Plane accident: Boeing 737 (VT-AXH) Air India Express broke into pieces after a failed landing in India. (photo / video)
17.08.2020 - Airplanes: The first Boeing 777F AirBridgeCargo
22.08.2020 - Plane accident: An AN-26 plane crashed in South Sudan (photo / video).
26.08.2020 - Gadgets: ASUS ZenFone 7
31.08.2020 - Plane accident: a Boeing 767 Omni Air aircraft got stuck on the runway of Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, Băneasa
31.08.2020 - Flights: He was operated the first commercial flight between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

September 2020

03.09.2020 - Airplanes: Flying-V successfully operated the first real test flight 
07.09.2020 - Airplanes: The first Airbus A321neo Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
09.09.2020 - Airplanes: The first Airbus A320 HiSky
15.09.2020 - Gadgets: ASUS B9450F
21.09.2020 - Airports: The railway connection Gara de Nord - Henri Coandă Airport was inaugurated
23.09.2020 - Wizz Air launches interactive travel planning map
29.09.2020 - Airlines: Bankruptcy South African Airways (SAA)

October 2020

09.10.2020 - Airplanes: Airbus Albatross ONE
09.10.2020 - Airplanes: Airbus delivered 10 aircraft from the A000 family
15.10.2020 - Airplanes: The first Airbus A321LR SAS
17.10.2020 - Gadgets: ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 UX363
18.10.2020 - Airports: Bacau Airport has resumed its activity
19.10.2020 - Flights: Etihad Airways operated the first commercial flight between the United Arab Emirates and Israel
19.10.2020 - Official Announcement: Jordan and Israel have signed an agreement through which they open their airspace for the operation of commercial flights. 
22.10.2020 - Airplanes: The first Airbus A350 XWB Turkish Airlines (TC-LGA and TC-LGB) were delivered
22.10.2020 - Airplanes: Airbus delivered the first Kuwait Airways A330-800 aircraft (Videos).
25.10.2020 - Airplanes: KLM has withdrawn the latest Boeing 747-400 aircraft
28.10.2020 - Airplanes: Alrosa Airlines (6R) operated the last commercial flight with a Tupolev TU-154 aircraft
29.10.2020 - Flights: Wizz Air opened the base in Bacau

November 2020

01.11.2020 - Airports: Willy Brandt (BER) was opened at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (video)
06.11.2020 - Official Announcement: HiSky base in Iasi
06.11.2020 - Flights: Bamboo Airways has obtained approval to operate flights between Vietnam and the United States.
11.11.2020 - Airplanes: The "Duet Luxury" package, created by Embraer and Porsche
15.11.2020 - Airports: Havana's José Martí International Airport has reopened to commercial flights
16.11.2020 - Airlines: QANTAS turned 100
17.11.2020 - Official Announcement: The United States and the United Kingdom have signed a new "Open Skies" agreement.
18.11.2020 - Airplanes: The FAA has certified Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
26.11.2020 - Travel: IATA Travel Passes
28.11.2020 - Coronavirus: The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has started to be distributed

December 2020

01.12.2020 - Gadgets: ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX371
08.12.2020 - Airplanes: Boeing delivered the first 737 MAX
09.12.2020 - Flights: GOl resumed flights with Boeing 737 MAX
13.12.2020 - Airports: Trains Gara de Nord - Otopeni Airport
16.12.2020 - Airplanes: The new Russian aircraft lL-114-300
22.12.2020 - Airplanes: First A330neo Uganda Airlines aircraft
22.12.2020 - Airplanes: Belavia Airlines received the first Embraer E195-E2 aircraft.
22.12.2020 - Airplanes: FedEx Express received the first ATR 72-600F. (video)
26.12.2020 - Airlines: Bankruptcy Montenegro Airlines
28.12.2020 - Airplanes: Airbus delivered the first A320neo Aircalin aircraft. (video)

We can say that the year 2020 was extremely difficult and difficult for aviation and tourism, but not everything was so black, not for everyone.

How was 2020 for you?

  1. Gigi Berlogea says

    09.02.2020 - Flights: Speed ​​record on the route New York - London

    I laughed. Concorde flies at Mach2 speeds on this route in less than 3 hours, but you say that 4 hours and 56 minutes is the record. Interesting.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I don't think you read the information carefully. It's a speed record for the Boeing 747-400. But these are details. Stop reading on the diagonal 🙂

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    All the details are in that article :). For the part with CONCORDE, read this too

  3. Gigi Berlogea says

    I don't think I didn't read the information carefully, but the information is not written carefully. It reads: "A Boeing 747-400 from British Airways set a new speed record on Sunday." Do you think it is understood that it is the record for that plane on that route? To me, that's not how to straighten basil somehow. And the rest of the article doesn't understand that either.
    Moreover, it is not a record only for 747-400 on the route London - New York but for all subsonic planes. If specified, it was something else entirely. Otherwise, as stated in the article and the fact that it is not specified that it is a record for subsonic aircraft, the information is erroneous. The record for commercial flights between London and New York belongs to Concorde and will remain standing for many years.

    But these are details. Please do not write diagonally and assume your mistakes.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Mr. Gigi, thank you for your vigilance. We assume when we are wrong. Not the case now, but if you say so, then so be it :). I will complete it so that everything is very clear

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