TAROM fleet richer with 2 Boeing 737-800 aircraft (YR-BGL and YR-BGM)

Today, around 13: 00, TAROM has received 2 Boeing 737-800 aircraft (YR-BGL and YR-BGM). They are about 5 years old and initially flew in the Malaysia Airlines fleet.

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8 June 2018, important day for TAROM and for aviation in Romania. The long awaited Boeing 737-800 aircraft (YR-BGL and YR-BGM) arrived in Bucharest. YR-BGL is named "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" and is 5.2 years old. YR-BGM is named "Mihai Viteazul" and is 4.6 years old. There are "relatively" young planes that have flown in the Malaysia Airlines fleet.

TAROM fleet

The two aircraft will be in use starting Monday, June 11 and will initially fly to Barcelona and Frankfurt. Our sources say that the 2 737-800 NG will also fly to Beirut.

On the occasion of the reception event, the Minister of Transport, Lucian Șova, stated that the ministry he leads has high expectations from the TAROM National Company and at the same time supports the development and revitalization of TAROM. TAROM CEO Werner-Wilhelm Wolff made a brief press statement in which he stressed that aircraft newly entered the TAROM fleet should be a standard for TAROM, both in terms of the technology used and the configuration and comfort. provided to passengers.

2 Boeing 737-800 aircraft (YR-BGL and YR-BGM)

Compared to the other 2 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft (YR-BGJ and YR-BGK), which are configured in a 189 class of seats, they are configured in 2 classes and can carry up to 160 passengers. Below is some technical information about the new Boeing 737-800 aircraft entering the TAROM fleet.

Aircraft features Specifications
Aircraft type Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, equipped with winglets and CFM56-7B24E engines
Maximum take-off weight 77 tons
Manufacturing year 2013
Capacity 160 places being configured in 2 classes, respectively 16 places in business class and 144 in economy class.

Seat pitch is 42inch in business class and 30inch in economy class for increased passenger comfort.

Interior facilities The aircraft are equipped with Boeing Sky Interior.

Thus, these aircraft are equipped with a new interior concept called BSI (Boeing Sky Interior), which has a state-of-the-art lighting system, enlarged compartments for passenger luggage, comfortable seats and portholes optimized in shape and size.

Regarding the technological performance, compared to the other aircraft in the TAROM fleet, we mention that the 2 aircraft are equipped with a system in flight entertainment, both in business and economy class, each seat having an integrated LCD screen and USB port. In addition, all aircraft seats for both business and economy class are leather.

Boeing 737-800-3 TAROM


Boeing 737-800-13 TAROM


Boeing 737-800-15 TAROM

The 2 aircraft were leased from Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC), for a period of 7 years, based on the evaluation of the offers received from the market in compliance with the regulation regarding the conclusion of the procurement / mixed aircraft contracts, approved by the decision of the General Director of TAROM.

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