Charter flight RO5294 Tenerife - Bucharest - delayed due to technical problems (update)

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Update 09.08.2012 - 12:00: Airbus A310 aircraft, which operated the RO5294 Tenerife - Bucharest charter flight, landed on Otopeni at 06: 10, this morning.

Update 16: 30: In order to remedy the malfunction, a TAROM technical team was sent today, on the spot, with the first available race. The team will arrive at the plane around 19: 00 (local time Tenerife). It is estimated a maximum of three hours for the fault to be repaired so that around 22 hours: 00 (Tenerife local time) the aircraft will be put into operation and be able to perform the Tenerife - Bucharest flight safely for passengers.

In the event of failure to remedy the failure, passengers will be transported to Bucharest by one of the following options: contracting an aircraft locally or, if no aircraft is available locally, sending two Boeing-type TAROM aircraft 737 - NOTHING.

Basic news 12: 00: TAROM announced, in a press release, that the RO5294 Tenerife - Bucharest charter flight is delayed due to technical problems. The race was scheduled to take off yesterday, 07 August 2012, 13 time: 00 (Tenerife local time) from Tenerife Airport and to land in Bucharest at 21: 20 (local time).

The Airbus 310 aircraft that was to fly from Tenerife to Bucharest with 204 passengers aboard is yesterday at Tenerife Airport due to technical problems that could not be remedied on the spot. A technical team will be sent to Tenerife today to remedy the malfunction.

The passengers of the RO5294 flight were stayed overnight at the hotel, the costs being borne by TAROM Company.

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