Romaero, Incas and Airbus are developing the fastest helicopter in the world.

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A new helicopter was designed with the help of Romanian engineers. It's a winged helicopter. The concept is called Racer, developed under coordination Airbus Helicopters, as part of the European Clean Sky2 technology initiative. The central fuselage was manufactured in Romania and will be delivered to Germany, and later it will arrive in France where the helicopter will be fully assembled. The project cost 8.5 million euros, and the construction lasted 4 years.

RACER, “Rapid and Cost - Effective Rotorcraft” is the flagship project of the Clean Sky 2 technology initiative, the most important public-private partnership in Horizon 2020, aimed at technological developments aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aviation and supporting the sector's competitiveness. From the total budget of over 4 billion Euros of the program, Romania, as a key partner through the RoC Consortium (INCAS and ROMAERO), was allocated 8.5 million Euros.


It took over 9.300 hours to build the Racer helicopter fuselage.


A team of 30 designers worked day and night to create this new helicopter concept, which will be able to reach 400 hm / h. Thus, its speed will be 50% faster than the most powerful helicopter today. The aircraft will be the quietest and most economical helicopter in the world. With a cruising speed of 400 km / h, the aircraft aims at missions for which travel time is of vital importance, such as searching, rescuing and emergency medical transport.

With the physical realization of the fuselage, the designers experienced a unique sensation. Throughout the project, they could not touch the physical helicopter, but could only view it on a vital monitor. The project is based on a European network of almost 40 partners from 13 EU countries and is a benchmark for European research cooperation.

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