Romania has 6 Blue Flag beaches in the summer season 2022

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The Romanian coast, with a length of 245 kilometers, stretches from the border with Ukraine, in the north, to the border with Bulgaria, in the south. The Romanian coast has 15 resorts, most of them being in Constanța County.

Along the entire length of the Romanian coast there are 440 sectors of the beach, some more beautiful than others. The beaches of Romania They are famous for their spectacular scenery, fine sand and numerous entertainment attractions.

According to the site Blue Flag official, Romania has 5 beaches awarded the title "Blue Flag" in 2022: Citadel Beach; Azur Beach; Vega Vintage Beach - Mamaia; Phenicia Beach; Marina Regia Beach. The rating, which is given by the World Foundation for Environmental Education, gives tourists the guarantee that the water and sand in these places are clean and that there are enough lifeguards ready to intervene in situations of risk.

Marina Regia Beach is in Năvodari. This is fine quality sand. It offers lifeguards and numerous accommodation, spa and restaurant facilities at Hotel Marina Regia. The beach is located near Năvodari and Constanța.

Phenicia Beach is located in the vicinity of the Phoenica Holiday Resort. It is famous for its fine sand and for its beach games and water sports. The beach has lifeguards!

Vega Vintage Beach - Mamaia has been awarded the title of "Blue Flag" since 2007. The beach is near the famous Hotel Vega, in the center of Mamaia resort. The beach has sandy beaches and lifeguard stations. There is no shortage of beach games and water sports.

Citadel Beach is a beautiful and modern beach, located between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud. It is close to the Citadel Boutique Hotel, which overlooks the sea.

Azur Beach is a new beach that received the "Blue Flag" award. It is close to Vila Plaja Azur, between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud.

"Phenicia Blue View" from Olympus

In order to obtain the blue flag, beach administrators must meet 32 ​​criteria. Among other things, they are required to have specially designed places for water sports and access roads for people with disabilities. It must also provide tourists with informative materials on how to maintain cleanliness and protect the environment.

Blue Flag is considered a symbol of environmental protection at the highest standard, which is why the beaches and leisure sports that have this distinction are also the most sought after by tourists.

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