Romanians can travel to Greece from mid-April, especially for the Easter holiday 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic grounded, literally and figuratively, thousands of planes. It blocked tourism, bankrupted many horeca businesses. While many other businesses have survived by adapting to the situation, some sending employees to work from home, others growing up as Handsome Boys. The same cannot be said of the tourism industry in the country and globally. It is not possible to travel with the borders closed and with the potential client stuck in the house.

Thus, most countries at European and even global level are looking for solutions to relaunch aviation, tourism, hospitality and other related industries. We hope that in the summer of this year we will be able to travel more than 2020 and strive for pre-COVID "normality".

Greece wants the digital green certificate

Greece, one of the countries that "live" from tourism, has begun to negotiate green with other countries. At the same time, he wants to adopt digital green certificate announced by the European Union. The other day, the Greek Minister of Tourism. Mr Harry Theoharis, came to Bucharest. He met with the delegation ANAT (National Association of Travel Agencies) to establish the tourist plans of the summer season 2021. More precisely when and how Romanians can travel to Greece.

Greece opens the tourist season for Romanians earlier

Official, Greece opens the 2021 summer tourist season on May 14, but only for those vaccinated, immunized or tested for COVID-19. But Romanians and other European nations could travel to Greece from mid-April, especially for the short Easter break.

The issue remains on the document side in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Romanians were able to travel to Greece based on a negative COVID-19 PCR test and a completed form before the trip.

Those vaccinated, immunized, tested by COVID-19 will be able to travel to Greece

This year, the Greek official announced that all Romanians vaccinated, immunized or tested by COVID-19 will be able to travel to Greece, based on established rules, informs Cezar from So not only those vaccinated as some tend to believe are accepted, but also those who have been naturally immunized (going through the disease), but also those tested by COVID-19. In order to avoid falsification of documents, the certificate of vaccination, testing, immunization will probably include a QR code. The famous form will not be missing PLF, and at the borders it will be possible to make rapid tests in random regime.

So don't hesitate and start planning your summer vacation. It could be in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece with his award-winning beaches and appreciated globally.

It will certainly be another year compared to 2020, personally hoping for more flexibility. But that also depends on how we protect ourselves from COVID. It also depends on how the authorities will manage this pandemic. It will be several months before we hope to lift it.

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