Romania extends the alert status by another 30 days. Flights to yellow list countries remain suspended.

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Romanian authorities have announced the extension of the alert by another 30 days, until October 15. With this decision, flights to the yellow list countries remain suspended.

But INSP and the Department for Emergency Situations have not updated the yellow list since August 29, 2020, which means that for now we will report to the old list and flights to Israel, Qatar, the Republic of Moldova, Luxembourg, etc. will be suspended.

List of countries / areas with high epidemiological risk, according to Decision no. 43 of 27.08.2020 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations

List-State-risk-high-epidemiological 27.08/XNUMX/XNUMX

However, ROMATSA issued a NOTAM announcing the suspension of flights to all countries on the yellow list, except Spain. Flights between Romania and Spain will not be suspended, for now.

Romania's yellow list will most likely be updated after the European Council finds a common denominator for regulation in the European Union. We want a package of measures applied uniformly, not as chaotic as before, when each country set up its own lists as they considered according to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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