Romanian Digital Travel Conference - the most important event dedicated to online tourism in Romania

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Eventur Agency will organize during the period 20-21 March 2014 Romanian Digital Travel Conference. It will be hosted by the Marshal Garden Hotel in Bucharest. During the event, the participants will be informed by the top companies, with the latest technologies in the field of electronic commerce and will discover the most effective online marketing strategies adapted to the profile of a local tourism business.

They will also learn how to use free or very cheap tools to launch and sell tourism products and through which they can recover their investments in the shortest possible time. The event will bring together a group of specialists in technology and marketing with a rich experience in the Romanian tourism niche.

They will talk about their own experiences, help participants solve some of the existing problems, and teach them how to avoid costly mistakes. The program is structured as follows:
• NEVER March - conference with focus on the latest technologies in the field of electronic commerce and on the most effective online marketing strategies;
• NEVER March - course applied to the development of a promotion strategy on Google, by email and on Facebook.

The event will be chaired by moderator Alex Filip, the founder of Eventur, and will feature local professionals in marketing, advertising, online and tourism. These will also include: Alexandru Lapusan - CEO & Founding Partner Zitec, Monica Jitariuc - Managing Director The Practice and Răzvan Pascu - Tourism Marketing Consultant Travel Communication Romania.

About 250 participants will be from the public: managers and executive directors from travel agencies, heads of communication and marketing departments, representatives of hotel chains and airlines, technology developers, tourism and online marketing consultants.

Take advantage of Early Bird discounts available through 15 February!

1. Access only to the conference - 69 EUR
2. Access only to the course - 49 EUR
3. Access to the conference and the course - 99 EUR

The undersigned Sorin Rusi will attend the event as an official blogger from On this occasion, Airlines Travel offers you 5% discount at the participation fee. Use the code ATRDTC03 upon registration!

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