Fully vaccinated Romanians will be able to travel to Thailand without being quarantined, from November 1, 2021

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Thailand puts an end to the quarantine for vaccinated visitors from more than 60 countries, the largest reopening bet in Asia and one that could mark a turning point for the revitalization of mass tourism during the pandemic.

Starting Monday, November 1, fully vaccinated travelers flying from Australia, the USA, China, Singapore, Japan, India and most of Europe, including Romania, will be able to freely visit the beaches, temples and tropical islands of Thailand. They will be tested at the entrance to Thailand, informs tatnews.org.

List of countries approved by Thailand

To travel to Thailand, vaccinated tourists will need:

  • A vaccination certificate and RT-PCR tests before departure and on arrival in Thailand.
  • Covid health insurance for $ 50.000.
  • A confirmed and paid reservation at a SHA + hotel for one night, in anticipation of the test result.
  • Thailand Pass - We recommend that you register for Thailand's new electronic entry document (Thailand Pass QR code) at least 7 days before the date of travel. Those who have already received the COE (Certificate of Entry) and will travel to Thailand after November 1, this remains valid. Travelers can update the approved COE with the revised terms and conditions of stay, in accordance with the new entry regulations, by downloading the new COE from registration website.

It is Thailand's most important move to get back some of the nearly 40 million visitors it hosted a year before the pandemic. This strategic move is described as a "struggle to win foreign tourists" as countries from Australia to the UK relax Covid restrictions.

If the Thai experiment is successful, they will certainly see other borders open, especially in countries that fear a recurrence of the virus after opening.

"We don't expect hotels to be full overnight, but it's a great first step, "said John Blanco, general manager of the luxury Capella Bangkok hotel. "All countries adopt the same strategy, meaning we must learn to live with Covid. It is a general theme throughout the world."

Although Thailand is preparing to reopen its borders from 1 November, airlines are in no hurry to schedule flights to / from Thai holiday destinations.

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