Romanians come home for Easter! Most, from the UK and Italy

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Romanians come home for Easter! The Easter holidays have always been an ideal occasion for Romanians, who study or work abroad, to come home. Conclusion also confirmed by the latest data recorded by


In 2018 there was an increase with 30% of the air tickets during the Easter period which had as final destination Romania, and the percentage is also kept in 2019.

Over 50% of Romanians, who come home from holidays, have airports in the UK, Germany and Italy as their starting point. The average price of a plane ticket from Europe to different airports in the country varies between 85 euro (Timișoara) and 192 euro (Iasi). 

Great Britain and Italy, the main source countries for Romanians who come home for the holidays

Most Romanians who booked tickets through to Romania, for the Easter period, have their country of origin United Kingdom (over 26% of bookings), followed by Italy (16,9%), Germany (12%), Belgium, France and Spain (8-9%). 

The most frequented airport - a destination in Romania is the "Henri Coandă" International Airport, Bucureşti. The average price of a plane ticket to Bucharest is 163 euros / person. About 20% of travelers come from the UK, 12% from Italy, 10% from France, 5% from Spain.

The average price of a plane ticket to Iaşi is 192 euro / person. Half of the passengers come from the UK and Belgium. 

To travel to Cluj, the average price of the plane ticket is 113 euros. Over 30% of travelers come from the UK, and 25% fly to Cluj from Otopeni.

For Bacau, the average price of the plane ticket is 171 euros (the main starting point being the United Kingdom), and for Timisoara is 85 euro (Otopeni being the main source airport). 

Claudia Tocila, Head of Marketing

  • “Unofficially, over 4 millions of Romanians live outside the country's borders, with over one million Romanians registered in Spain and Italy alone and as many as 500.000 Romanians in the UK, Germany and France.
  • It is the Romanians who send over 4 billions of euros annually to their home, but to which few companies are addressed. This year of Easter we set out to address them through a campaign called "Come Home", which has already exceeded one million views.
  • Beyond the reserved tickets, our colleagues from the Customer Relations Department are ready to assist them non-stop even during the Easter holidays, all to make their journey home as easy as possible. "

More expensive tickets in 2019. 180 euro the average price of air tickets during the Easter period, in 2019 

If in the year 2018 Romanians paid on average 170 euros for a plane ticket to external destinations during the Easter period, in 2019 the average price increased to 180 euros.

The main destinations are European cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome, Milan. But also Greece, from the perspective of the Orthodox Christian community there.

Reservations for far-flung destinations such as Dubai or even the US, Canada and Thailand have also been registered. 

The number of Romanians choosing as departure or arrival point other airports in the country is increasing. Most airports in the country will register increased traffic during the Easter holidays.  

Last minute reservations for Easter. Twice as many searches for Easter trips in year 2019 than in year 2018

Although the number of available air tickets is lower and the prices higher by up to 30%, Romanians prefer to book air tickets for returning home for the last hundred meters.

In 2018, for example, most bookings were made even on the Big Week. There were about 10.000 searches per day. The search record for April 2019 is close to 20.000 of searches in a single day. 

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