Romanians will have more days off in 2022! December 2, 2022 becomes a day off and bridges between November 30 and December 4!

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The government has decided that Friday, December 2, 2022, will be a day off for employees of public institutions and authorities. Thus, Romanians have more days off in 2022.

According to a communiqué, the Executive took into account that the day of December 2, 2022 is between public holidays in which one does not work, according to the Labor Code, and weekly rest days.

The decision to establish legal holidays in 2022 at the very beginning of the year, for the staff in the budget system, was taken according to the Labor Code, so that employers and employees can set and forecast their days off for the whole year.

In this context, Romanians will be able to enjoy a five-day mini-vacation, between November 30 and December 4, 2022. Short vacations can be organized in Europe or across the country. It is a good decision, which has also been welcomed by the tourism industry.

Compared to 2021 when most holidays fell on the weekend, in 2022 we have more days off that fall during the week.

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