Romanians want to travel in 2021, but are afraid of isolation and flight cancellations

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A study conducted by, one of the largest online travel agencies in Romania, confirms what we anticipated since the beginning of the year. Romanians want to travel in 2021, but they are most afraid of isolation when they return to the country. Some are also afraid of canceling flights, which causes them to postpone their holiday plans.


The study was conducted by Mercury Research in early February, on a sample of 616 respondents and confirms the direction of the European Commission to relax the pressure on the tourism industry by releasing "green certificate”Which will allow immunized people to travel without restrictions.

According to the survey, 43% of Romanians intend to travel in 2021. We did not participate in this study, but we can help increase this percentage because we also want to start traveling abroad. 29% of respondents are still undecided, and 27% said "pass" to travel this year.

COVID-19 infection ranks 3rd in the fears of those who participated in this study

Insecurity is fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, but especially by the restrictive measures that the authorities are constantly changing from one week to the next. Over time, this uncertainty and uncertainty may improve, with 53% of study participants saying they are willing to resume travel this summer.

Stress, fatigue, frustration contribute to convincing Romanians to plan a vacation in 2021. If you could not travel too much in 2020, at least in 2021 to be able to. People need to relax and release the stress they have been exposed to during this period.

The main travel concerns in 2021 are isolation on return to the country and possible flight cancellations.. COVID-19 infection ranks 3rd in the fears of those who participated in this study.

Health insurance is the service that 66% of tourists consider the most important to feel safe and protected while traveling, and 57% of people who use online agencies give more importance to the possibility of reimbursement of accommodation and airfare. in case of non-travel. This percentage is even higher among those who use the help of specialists in planning and purchasing holidays.

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