ROMATSA updated the NOTAM. See the list of countries with valid flights from / to Romania.

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In recent days, there has been a less common chain of events. There is a flight ban, but airlines have ignored the NOTAM. And we all wondered what the situation was. I wrote that flights to Sweden, Portugal will be suspended. That flights to Turkey, Russia remain suspended. That flights to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will be suspended, but it flew on July 17. What happens? But let's see the chronology and how this whole mess was solved.

The Romanian government extended the alert by another 30 days by a government decision. In Annex 3 of the new Decision 553, approved on 15 July and published in the Official Gazette on 16 July, there is a paragraph on flights.

ROMATSA updated the NOTAM

The Aeronautical Authority issued a NOTAM that ROMATSA published on July 16, around 23:00. According to this notification, from July 17, all flights, operated from / to countries outside the green list, will be suspended. And yet how FlyDubai operated Dubai - Bucharest, and Qatar Airways operated Doha - Bucharest via Sofia?

Well, the NOTAM on the 16th had an error. The link, which referred to the green list approved by INSP Romania, was wrong. The airlines took note of NOTAM, but were eagerly waiting for the green list to be displayed at the wrong address.

Seeing the commotion of July 17, another NOTAM was issued, which would correct the one given the day before. The latter was much clearer, but also more rigid in changes.

List of countries with valid flights from / to Romania

Flights from Romania to countries are allowed: Andorra, Algeria, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, South Korea, Czech Republic, Georgia, Cyprus, Japan, Croatia, Morocco, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Rwanda, Estonia, Thailand , Finland, Tunisia, France, Uruguay, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, United Kingdom, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Vatican .

List of countries with valid flights from / to Romania

According to NOTAM, flights from these countries to Romania are also allowed to be operated. It's just that we have an exception here. Austria has blocked flights to / from Romania.

I didn't understand why a correction NOTAM was needed, when it was much easier to correct the wrong url to the list of green countries. By the way, the countries mentioned above are on the green list issued by INSP Romania on July 6.

In conclusion, flights from / to countries outside the green list issued by INSP Romania were suspended. In theory, every Monday, the INSP has the mission to publish the updated list. It remains to be seen whether this will happen on July 20.

The issued NOTAM is valid until August 15 or until new changes are made by Government Decision or by existing legislative channels.

  1. Ioana says

    On July 17, Flydubai operated only the repatriation flight from Bucharest, not the commercial one. Tourists were not accepted on the flight

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Obvious. With the NOTAM in force, this is what happened!

  2. The halabi says

    I had a ticket to Romania, from Beirut with tarom on July 3 it was canceled. It is known when you can fly to Romania from Lebanon. Thank you

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      When Lebanon enters the INSP green list

  3. Dragos says

    When can I fly from Belgium to Romania?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Whenever you want and there are flights

  4. Adrian Pavel says

    Wizz Air canceled the flights Romania - Sweden (Bucharest - Malmö) only until July 31, although GD 553 is valid between July 17 and August 15. If you enter the Wizz Air website you can book / buy tickets for the flight date after 01 Aug. The last green list published by the Institute of Public Health was published on 06-07-2020, Sweden is not present there. Is Wizz air legal selling tickets for flights after 01 Aug?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, in the idea that Romania will introduce Sweden on the green list. Everything will be possible, taking into account that Sweden has fewer and fewer cases, and Romania has more and more new cases

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