Runway 2 (08L-26R) of Henri Coandă Bucharest Airport will open on 20 June 2018

The works on the runway 2 (08L-26R) of the Henri Coandă Bucharest Airport were completed. The reception was done. Starting tomorrow, June 13, the full reopening of this track follows.

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Good news coming from Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest. The track 2 (08L-26R), the one used in proportion to 2 / 3, has been repaired and will be reopened throughout the area. After the reception, a period of checks follows to be approved and returned to air traffic.

These procedures involve reconfiguration of markings and markings, in-flight verification of runway configuration and radionavigation systems, conducting an inspection by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority. During their run, the entire runway will be mandatory closed for traffic, to be reopened at the deadline set by the working schedule, respectively June 20.

Runway 2 (08L-26R) of Henri Coandă Bucharest Airport

The reopening of the 2 runway over the entire length of 3500 m will allow it to operate under very good conditions, avoiding traffic congestion, both during peak months (July - August) and in difficult conditions during winter months.

Since during the 13-20 June there will be a single run, which will involve traffic adjustments made by EUROCONTROL and ROMATSA, it is possible to have small delays when landing and taking off flights, especially at peak hours.

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