Russia prohibits passenger flights from / to Georgia

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On 21 June 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the temporary ban on passenger flights to and from Georgia. The decision comes after massive protests in Tbilisi. These were triggered by a Russian legislator visiting the Georgian Parliament.

The decree will enter into force starting July 8 2019, informs Interfax. All Russian carriers will temporarily suspend flights between Russia and Georgia. The decision also applies to Georgian carriers.

Russia bans flights to Georgia

It is expected that 150 000 will be affected by the Russians, who were planning holidays in Georgia. This means that airline operators will have to pay damages. Their total can amount to 48 millions of dollars.

The Ministry of Transport of Russia mentions that the decision is legitimate, requiring safety and security in aviation. But Georgia's duty to the State ATM Corporation in Russia for air navigation services was also discussed.

The ministry says the ban on flying two Georgian airlines - Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines - will be lifted after it receives a flight safety guarantee. The two companies will be subject to an audit by Russian officials. And let's not forget the debt, which must be paid in full. The Georgian aviation authorities were informed of this decision.

In our opinion, the decision is strictly political and follows protests against a Russian official and against Russia.

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