New routes 2016: all new routes from / to Romania

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Year 2016 is just beginning, but very dynamic from the first days. It will be a very important year for commercial aviation in Romania. There have been many new routes announced from / to destinations in Romania, many external, but also internal, routes expected by many people.

TAROM, Blue Air, Wizz Air, Ryanair, Iberia Express, Lot Polish Airlines, these are just a few of the major airlines this year. For you, the AirlinesTravel team has decided to centralize all these routes in a single article, which will always be updated.

New 2016 routes from / to Bucharest


New routes 2016 from / to Cluj


New routes 2016 from / to Timişoara


New routes 2016 from / to IAŞI


New routes 2016 from / to BACĂU


New 2016 flights from / to SIBIU

Start date Company Airport To (cod) Frequent Ready promo
28.03.2016 Blue Air Sibiu - Cologne CGN 2 * / 7 (Monday, Friday) 89lei

New 2016 flights from / to Constanta

Start date Company Route To (cod) Frequent Ready promo
01.06.2016 Blue Air Constanta - Athens ATH 2 * / 7 (Tuesday, Saturday) 149lei

New 2016 flights from / to Craiova

Start date Company Route IATA CODE Frequent Ready promo
03.11.2016 Ryanair Craiova Valencia VLC 2 * / 7 (Thursday, Sunday) 110lei

New 2016 flights from / to Targu-Mures

Start date Company Route IATA CODE Frequent Ready promo
23.03.2016 Wizz Air Targu-Mures - Baden-Baden FKB 2 * / 7 (Monday, Friday) 99lei

The news is being updated!
Cover photo: Adrian Radulescu

  1. Adrian Sulumberchean says

    Hi, your idea and the article itself are very strong, but I am still looking for how to receive an email with the updated information and I cannot find it. Can this be done?

  2. claudia says

    Shamefully, we have no flights from Iasi to Madrid, but a "million" flights to Italy

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      You have to Barcelona… Madrid from Bacau 🙂

      1. George says

        From Madrid to Barcelona there are 600 km. So what is Barcelona doing with Madriul ????? Well, there are hundreds of thousands of flights to Italy and England, as if there are no other countries.

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          The distance between Bacau and Iasi is small… and the flights do not cannibalize each other. This is how the interest for both airports in Moldova is maintained…

          You want Madrid, you fly from Bacau. You want Barcelona, ​​you fly from Iasi..That's how the situation looks at the moment…

  3. Elena says

    From Oradea to London?

  4. Lavinia says

    From Oradea to Oslo?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      There are no chances! After a very long period without international flights, the Oradea - Turin route will open. Otherwise, only domestic flights!

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