RYANAIR has canceled 30 flights due to the Irish pilots strike

Today, 12 July 2018, RYANAIR canceled 30 flights due to the Irish pilots strike. They demand higher wages.

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Today, 12 July 2018, RYANAIR was forced to cancel 30 flights from Ireland and the United Kingdom. Cause: Irish pilots went on a spontaneous strike. It was organized by the Irish Airline Pilots Union (IALPA).

According to the company, 94 of the over 350 of Irish pilots participated in this strike, and the number of canceled flights is over 10% of the planned flights between Ireland and the UK. The requirements of the pilots are clear: better working conditions, annual leave and increased salary.

RYANAIR has canceled 30 flights

This pilot strike is the second, in 32 years of existence, for the low-cost carrier. Until December 2017, RYANAIR categorically refused to recognize unions. Since the end of last year, he has begun negotiations with unions in several countries to formally recognize them on a case-by-case basis.

This change in attitude at 180 degrees came after a crisis last fall, when RYANAIR had to cancel thousands of flights due to a pilot and attendant planning problem.

Cabin crew unions, working for RYANAIR in Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Spain, announced strikes on 25 and 26 July 2018. The requests are the same: working conditions improved by direct contract.

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