Ryanair has launched the flight schedule for the winter season 2021 - 2022.

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Ryanar has launched the program for the winter season 2021 - 2022, covering the most popular tourist destinations. Starting at the end of October, more than 700 routes will be found in the Ryamair network.

Ryanair has launched routes to many sunny destinations such as Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Greece, Sicily and Malaga. If you are passionate about skiing and hiking, you can travel to popular destinations such as Turin, Milan and Salzburg.

Ryanair has launched dozens of routes to perfect destinations for city breaks.

Ryanair has launched flights to ideal destinations for city breaks, such as Lisbon, Paris or Venice. To celebrate the launch of the program for the 2021/22 winter season, Ryanair has also launched an offer for tickets that will be purchased until February 14, at midnight.

Prices start at 29,99 euros / segment and are valid for trips that will be made between October 2021 - March 2022.

  1. Stefan says

    Hello, Sorin! I have been trying for some time to see where this communiqué you are presenting is actually translated. On the Ryanair website in Romanian, so with departures from Romania (such as understandable!), There are no destinations you are referring to (Gran Canaria, Lisbon, Paris, Paris are just a few examples in this regard . Can you provide additional details? Are the destinations referred to departing from Romania? If not, then the communiqué is not at all interesting / does not present any news, because destinations like the ones above are commonplace for Ryanair from the Hungarian space to the west. With thanks in advance. Stefan, Bucharest

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Do not report to Romania, the press release being given at the RYANAIR network level. The announcements are not given only for a country or a county, taking into account that you can travel anywhere with an operator like RYANAIR. You can travel to hundreds of destinations on about 700 routes :). So yes, the RYANAIR network has in the winter season 2021-2022 about 700 routes, a little less than 20219 - 2020. And it is relevant, for us we do not address only Bucharestians or only Romanians in Romania. We address all those who want to travel. There are Romanians all over the world, plus the information is translated into 10-12 languages ​​of global circulation.

  2. Stefan says

    Thanks for the reply. I was surprised that Ryanair opened new routes in Romania, in these sad times. It's just that, as the communiqué is presented (which I also found in the stream on Mediafax), it does not turn out that it concerns the entire Ryanair network. Good luck! Stefanie

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Ryanair will open new routes in 2021, it has something planned in 2022. It's all about the pandemic. For example, he plans to fly from Oradea, to resume many flights from Bucharest. It still plans to fly from 10 airports, but the pandemic has put the brakes on aviation in general.

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