RYANAIR base in Düsseldorf, the 11 in Germany

On April 26, RYANAIR announced the opening of a new base in Germany, Düsseldorf. It will be the 86 base of the RYANAIR network and the 11 in Germany, and the inauguration will be held on 1 June.

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RYANAIR is expanding more and more into Germany and Europe. Despite the problems it has with the shipping staff, RYANAIR does not just run after the opportunities.

Basic RYANAIR in Düsseldorf

On April 26, RYANAIR announced the network 86 and Germany's 11, which will be in Düsseldorf. A Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be allocated and new 2 routes will be inaugurated.

In the summer season 2018, RYANAIR will operate 21 weekly flights departing from Düsseldorf to Malaga (daily), Alicante (daily) and Palma de Mallorca (daily). Hopes to carry over 140 000 of passengers per year. Rates start at € 19.99 / segment.

The other RYANAIR bases in Germany: Berlin-Schönefeld, Bremen, Koln Bonn, Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Hahn, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden, Hahn, Memmingen, Nuremberg, Weeze.

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