RYANAIR closes the base at London Southend Airport and gives up the route Bucharest - London Southend!

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As of November 1, Ryanair will no longer fly from Southend Airport, which is operated by Esken. The largest low-cost carrier in Europe - Ryanair - has announced that it will close its base at Southend near London, where it currently has two aircraft. At the same time, RYANAIR has announced that it will open a new base in Newcastle, from 2022.

In a statement, David Shearer, Esken's chief executive, said: “Ryanair has expressed its intention to close its base at London's Southend Airport with effect from the start of this year's winter season. As a result, Ryanair will cease operations at London Southend Airport from November 1, 2021 ”.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has led to a reduction in operations at London's Southend base. Initially, the contract between RYANAIR and Esken was for 5 years, and the airline had to allocate three planes. Unfortunately, COVID-19 led to a reduction in operations, and it all culminated in this decision to close the base altogether.

RYANAIR does not give up London, having planes assigned to Stansted, Luton and Gatwick airports, offering more options to passengers in the London area. A fourth London airport is no longer justified in the RYANAIR network.

The pandemic hit Southend London Airport hard, with passenger levels in 2020 falling three times from 2019. Last year, EasyJet dropped its base in Southend from where it had flights to 21 destinations.

Following this decision, RYANAIR closes the route Bucharest - London Southend, the last flight scheduled for October 29. RYANAIR currently operates three weekly flights from Bucharest to London Southend, on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

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