Coronavirus: RYANAIR could suspend all flights starting March 24th

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Due to the pandemic with the new coronavirus, European states have made drastic decisions to stop the spread of COVID-19. Among the measures taken are those that close the borders and suspend flights between states.

These travel restrictions have led to a decrease in passenger air traffic, a suspension of routes and even a suspension of the activities of some airlines.

In this context, starting March 19, RYANAIR will cancel approximately 80% of flights. The decision also applies to Lauda, ​​Buzz Air and Malta Air.

RYANAIR could suspend all flights

This decision will be in effect until March 24. As of this date, RYANAIR will cancel almost all flights and retain the entire fleet on the ground. We should mention that RYANAIR has over 450 Boeing 737 NG aircraft.

However, according to the press release, RYANAIR intends to keep some very important flights, especially between the UK and Ireland.

According to data provided by Cirium, in February 2020, RYANIAR had 13300 weekly flights and could carry up to 2.5 million passengers. In March, the situation was somewhat better, with RYANAIR planning to launch new routes and increase frequencies on other routes.

Before escalating the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael O'Leary stated that he expects a decrease in sales of airline tickets for approximately 3 weeks. And from May / June the situation returns to normal. But unfortunately, the present shows us a completely different face of reality, which leads to a radical change of attitude from the company RYANAIR.

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