RYANAIR for profit in H1 2016

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We see attractive offers from Ryanair. Not infrequently, during this year, we announced unbeatable prices, which started from NOT EURO / segment. And every time, we see readers worried about the Ryanair situation and how it is possible to afford such low prices.

RYANAIR for profit

Despite the worries, Ryanair is a for-profit airline, according to a press release. In the first half of this year, Ryanair announced a net profit of 1.17 billion EURO. At the same time, the largest low-cost carrier in Europe announced an increase of 2% of the aircraft loading degree, up to 95%, and the number of passengers transported in H1 increased with 12%, up to 65 millions. The average tariff decreased by 10%, to 50 EURO. The figures reported for H1 2016 are compared to the same period in 2015.

In H1 2016, Ryanair expanded its operational network with 6 bases and 73 of new routes, and the fleet increased with 21 of 737-800 aircraft.

Ryanair is also proud of its lower operating costs by 10%. It reported a decrease in fuel costs of 5%. When many complain about the high operational costs, Ryanair reports the opposite. Reality or marketing?

And the plan for the future is ambitious. Ryanair wants to expand on the main airports, not just the secondary airports. A demonstration of strength on this subject, announcement of the Ryanair base from Frankfurt am Main (FRA). And 2016 has not finished yet, with new bases and routes to be inaugurated, but also the increase of frequencies on the existing routes.

And 2017 is getting very attractive through the new routes presented. And certainly Ryanair keeps some important aces up their sleeve. From our information, 2017 will bring 52 new aircraft into the Ryanair fleet, one weekly aircraft. More airplanes, more flights!

And in Romania, Ryanair is starting to expand more and more. He launched the groundwork from Timisoara and Bucureşti, and the other day he inaugurated the Craiova - Valencia route. From the summer season 2017, Ryanair will also inaugurate the routes from Oradea: Oradea - Milan and Oradea - Barcelona. And rumors say that Ryanair is preparing some surprises for the future. Can we expect an aggressive expansion in the Romanian market?

  1. Nicky says

    The figures are interesting: 18 euros net profit per passenger…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I looked at them 2-3 times… It is clear that somewhere there is some money coming on subsidies.

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