RYANAIR has launched Fare Finder, the new tool for finding the best deals

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Ryanair, the No. 1 airline in Europe, launched - on July 14 - the new and improved search tool Fare Finder on the Ryanair.com website, which will make finding the lowest fares easier and faster. The new Fare Finder tool will allow customers to search by budget, preferred departure times, holiday destination type and more, making it much faster and easier to find the ideal trip this summer.

Fare Finder makes it quicker and easier for customers to find the perfect Ryanair flights at the lowest rates and is ready to simplify flight reservations for families, couples and tourists from all over Europe starting this summer, as much-deserved bookings can be booked. holidays and getaways, following the relaxation of travel restrictions set at European and global level.

The ease with which Ryanair's Fare Finder can be used will certainly be a hit with consumers. Simply log in to Ryanair.com as when making a normal flight booking, select your departure location and follow the "I'm not sure where to go" option. From here, customers will be directed to the new improved portal, Fare Finder, where a series of options will be displayed and in a few seconds customers will be able to choose the best flight option for them, at the lowest rates.

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