Ryanair launches "Price Checker" and "Verified Seal", two tools that protect customers

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Ryanair, the No. 1 airline in Europe, has launched "Price Checker" and "Verified Seal", two new options that can be found on both the website and the Ryanair application. The two tools want to protect customers against Online Travel Agents (OTA), which could overload customers by giving incorrect details about the services offered by the airline and preventing Ryanair from dealing directly with passengers.

"Price Checker" will allow customers who have booked through an online travel agent to verify the amount paid to Ryanair for booking compared to the amount charged by the online travel agent. Customers will be able to see where online travel agencies, which do not have Ryanair's authorization to sell tickets for flights operated by the company, have charged extra money for additional services.

Ryanair's two tools, "Price Checker" and "Verified Seal", want to protect customers.

To further protect customers, Ryanair has also introduced the option of "Verified Seal" which guarantees customers to make reservations directly on the Ryanair website / application. Customers should always check the website they are booking to see if the "Verified Seal" option is displayed. If not, they should know that they are making reservations through an unauthorized seller. "Verified Seal" will be checked as a check mark and will only be visible on Ryanair.com and the Ryanair application.

Booking tickets directly on the Ryanair website guarantees customers:
- that they receive the cheapest price for Ryanair flights without third party fees.
- the cheapest price for bags, chairs and other ancillary products without third party taxes.
- the e-mail address and payment details of the customers cannot be replaced by OTAs.
- in case of cancellations, any refund due will be paid directly to the customer.
- If customers need assistance, they will have to deal directly with a Ryanair customer service representative.

On 10 March, Ryanair has also launched its digital wallet, Covid-19 Travel, which is only available in the Ryanair app. Customers can upload negative PCR tests, Covid vaccination certificates and other Covid documents that may be required to travel to the EU this summer.

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