RYANAIR has placed an additional order for 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

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Boeing and RYANAIR today announced an additional order for 75 737 MAX aircraft, with a total of 210 737 MAX aircraft ordered.

RYANAIR has opted for the 737 MAX 8-200 (737 MAX 200), a larger capacity version of the 737 MAX 8. Specifically, the aircraft ordered by RYANAIR will be configured in a single low-cost class with 197 seats .

Ryanair is the launch customer for the 737 MAX 200, after placing the first order for 100 aircraft and 100 options at the end of 2014. Then it placed an order for 10 aircraft in 2017 and another order for 25 units in 2018 .

The 737 MAX 8-200 will allow Ryanair to set up its 197-seat aircraft, increasing revenue potential and reducing fuel consumption by 16% compared to the airline's previous models.

Thus, RYANAIR expresses its confidence in the 737 MAX aircraft family and, at the same time, hopes that after the pandemic it will relaunch its operations at full capacity.

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