RYANAIR shuts down the site and the app for 12 hours

If you have RYANAIR flights on the days of 7 and 8 November, it would be good to rush with check-in. The site and application will be closed for 12 hours.

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During 12 hours, within the 17: 00 (7 November) - 05: 00 (8 November) - British time, RYANAIR will close the site and application. The reason: updating the reservation system. During this time, passengers will not be able to operate the check-in, they cannot buy air tickets, they cannot make changes and additions to the tickets already bought.

If you have flights during the 7-8 November, it would be good to rush with the check-in. RYANAIR has already notified passengers by sms and email of this temporary closure of the application and site. RYANAIR apologizes for the inconvenience.

RYANAIR closes the site and the application

Reported at the time in Romania, the RYANAIR website and application will not be available between the hours of 19: 00 (7 November) - 07: 00 (8 November). Thus, we advise you to check in for today's flights as soon as possible and as long as the system allows you.

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