Ryanair at a pace of 10 million passengers per month

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Ryanair, Europe's largest low-cost airline, grows from month to month and from year to year. This is normal and natural, as new routes are always launched, and the fleet increases with new purchases. It owns a fleet of 318 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, all of which have the capacity of 189 seats, and also has 162 of Boeing 737-800 aircraft and 100 of 737 MAX aircraft.


According to a press release released today, 5 October, Ryanair announces that it has transported 9.55 million passengers in September this year, with 12% more compared to the same period of 2014. A small step up to 10 million passengers per month. At the same time, it also enjoys an increase in employment from 90% (September 2014) to 94% (September 2015). Overall annual traffic for 2015, up to September, increased by 16%, reaching 97.3 million passengers.

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair, said:

“Ryanair's passenger traffic increased by 12% in September, to 9.55 Millions, while occupancy increased by 4% to 94%. These record monthly figures are due to our low rates and the large number of reservations in advance, results of the success of our "Always Getting Better" (AGB) customer program. For Ryanair's largest summer route calendar so far, the AGB program has brought us reservations in advance and a degree of occupancy beyond expectations.

Ryanair customers should expect new services this fall, following the continuation of the second year of the AGB program which includes a new car rental service, a new website, a new mobile application, new interior aircraft, new crew uniforms and improved onboard menu, all because Ryanair continues to deliver much more than just the lowest fares in Europe. ”

Related to Bucharest, in winter time 2015-2016, you can choose from the 7 routes included: Brussels (1 x daily), Dublin (4 x weekly), London (2 x daily), Madrid (1 x daily), Rome (2 x daily), Milan (1 x daily) and Bologna (4 x weekly).

You can also choose your favorite place, carry your second hand luggage for FREE, use the new site and the new application including boarding pass, enjoy the Family Extra and Business Plus facilities, all from Ryanair the perfect choice for families, business trips and relaxation.

Rates are modest and start from the 7.99 EURO / segment. If you want to travel through Belgium (Brussels), Italy (Milan, Rome, Bologna) or England (England), take advantage of the promotional prices. We decided to fly to Milan Bergamo at the end of October. You?

(Photo cover: Tiberiu Chendea)

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