Ryanair's new baggage policy - Questions & Answers

From 1 to November 2017, RYANAIR adopts a new baggage policy. It basically regulates the carrying of 2 hand luggage, without any unnecessary discussions at the boarding gate.

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To better explain the new luggage policy, RYANAIR anticipated 14 questions and gave the corresponding answers! It's not our questions, but theirs. Is it a good policy or less pleasant? Remains to be seen!

New luggage policy at RYANAIR

Î1. What is the new Ryanair luggage policy?
A. From November we will cut the costs for checked luggage from 35 € / £ to 25 € / £ and increase the weight of luggage from 15kg to 20kg.
· The weight allowed for registered luggage will increase from 15kg to 20kg for all luggage
· Standard baggage rates will be reduced from 35 € / £ to 25 € / £ for this 20kg baggage
· Only Priority Customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be able to carry two hand luggage in the aircraft *.
· All other customers (without Priority) will be able to carry only a small hand luggage in the cabin, while the second (larger) luggage will have to be sent to the luggage compartment (free) at the boarding gate.

Î2. Why is Ryanair making this change?
A. To reduce the number of flight delays caused by the fact that too many customers arrive at the boarding gate with 2 hand luggage. (we also add that there is still a dispute over luggage)

Î3. Will customers still be able to carry 2 cabin luggage on board?
A. Yes for clients with priority boarding (that is, those who will pay 5 - 6 EURO), which will still be able to bring 2 luggage, 1 normal (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and small 1 (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) to the cabin.
B. Not for customers without priority on boarding, who will send their troller type luggage to the dock (at no additional cost) and will be able to carry smaller luggage in the cabin (which will be positioned under the front seat).

Î4. How will this change be implemented?
A. There will be two queues at the gate: Priority customers with 2 luggage and priority customers.

Î5. How much does Priority Shipping cost and can it be added to the reservation?
R. 5 € / £ at the time of booking. It can be added after booking (for 6 € / £) up to 1 one hour before the scheduled departure time, via the Ryanair mobile app.

Î6. What about the luggage of 15kg?
A. The baggage of 15kg will increase to 20kg.

Î7. Will customers, without priority boarding, be able to register their normal hand luggage at check-in desks instead of transporting it to the boarding gate?
A. No! All hand luggage must be transported to the boarding gate where the larger luggage will be sent to the luggage hold, free of charge.

Î8. What happens to reservations made before the new luggage policy is implemented?
A. The new baggage rules will come into effect from November 1 and will be applied for reservations made before and after November 1, for all flights thereafter.

Î9. What happens if customers refuse to send their luggage to the hold?
A. They will not be allowed to travel (without reimbursement of costs).

Î10. What happens to clients traveling with children (infants)? Can they still carry luggage for them?
A. Yes. A small luggage (5kg) for baby can be carried by customers with children (infant).

Î11. Why apply a supplement of 10 € / £ for Easter, Christmas and longer routes during the peak summer season?
A. The 10 € / £ supplement reflects the higher handling costs for the significantly higher number of checked and handled luggage during these busy periods.

Î12. Will it still be cheaper to book checked-in luggage at the time of booking?
A. Yes. Luggage of 20kg will be reduced to the price of 25 € / £ only when booking. Luggage checked in and added after the initial booking or at the airport will cost 40 € / £.

Î13. Where can I find the routes for which the cost supplement applies?
A. These routes will be highlighted on our web page and on the application, starting today.

Î14. What happens to clients with special permits for medical items - can they still be carried in the cabin?
A. Yes, provided that you contact in advance our special line for assistance and by complying with all the requirements coming from our special assistance team.

It's a policy meant to supplement the airline's revenues, while also making boarding time more efficient. You can still take the 2 hand luggage, except that the standard one is required (if you do not buy with 5 EURO that priority on boarding). So far, this maneuver was optional / random.

I wonder what will happen if most of the passengers on a flight buy their priority on boarding? In an 737-800 there are approximately 70 seats for standard hand luggage. Where will they fit if over 100 passengers will pay for the 5 EURO required for priority boarding, which allows you to take both luggage on board.

  1. Fear Of Flight.ro says

    They'll find a way to send them to your hold, if they don't have room on board. Or they will give priority to boarding only within the limit of luggage space…

  2. Săndulescu says

    Hello, if we were to leave the large luggage in my hand at the boarding gate when we left the country, when we arrive in country X the respective luggage from where we picked it up? , also from the boarding gate in country X or will they be sent to Benda for hold baggage? , and at the boarding gate when we leave the country, will a sticker be affixed with the traveler's name? There are no explanations for this. Thank you .

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      From our experience, the luggage that reaches the hold will be picked up from the hold luggage belt… I know, it's an inconvenience, but we have nothing to do. Transport capacity in the aircraft cabin is limited to 70 pieces of luggage. As Ryanair facilitates the option of carrying up to 2 pieces (standard luggage and small luggage), more and more passengers take advantage of this…

      In conclusion, there is no room for 180 large carry-on luggage in the cabin, resulting in 2/3 arriving in the hold anyway… By the change brought from November 1, you clearly choose where you want to have large carry-on luggage… Free hold or in the cabin , paying 5 euros priority for boarding….

  3. Săndulescu says

    Rectifier, tape for hold baggage *

  4. Cosmin says

    Priority boarding is granted within the limit of places for cabin luggage (70 seats…)

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