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Ryanair it has a special style of attracting our attention, but it also disappoints us. Or maybe we always have high expectations from the largest low cost company in Europe. Yesterday they announced that they were preparing something great. Today we found that they launched a data collection campaign in myRyanair.

myRyanair - 10 EURO voucher


And to encourage us to sign up for the system, Ryanair offers one 10 EURO voucher valid for the first flight. All new accounts made during the period 7-9 September, they will receive this 10 EURO voucher. Can be used in reservations operated during the period 7-21 September. It is valid for trips during periods 1 October - 18 December and 10 January - 31 January.

To be clear, Ryanair also made a short guide to the promotion:

- Create a myRyanair account and complete your profile by September 9th
- Completed profile: Name, nationality, date of birth, telephone number, passport and payment details
- The voucher is available on the payment page when you are ready to book your next trip
- This is valid for bookings made between 7 and 21 September
- And for trips made between October 1 - December 18 and January 10 - January 31.
- What are you waiting for?

Correct! What are you waiting for? Don't know where to travel? Well, we recommend your destinations in Germany. Between November and December, the Christmas fairs begin. A very good opportunity for a city break. And if we look at the rates, we notice that Berlin is at 7.99 - 9.99 EURO / segment for flights from Bucharest. Apply the 10 EURO voucher and pay only one segment. Or you may want to travel to Italy, Bologna and Milan from the 9.99 EURO / segment.

If you are from Timisoara, you have Dusseldorf Weeze from the 4.99 EURO / segment, Berlin and Frankfurt from 7.99 EURO / segment, London Stansted from 7.99 EURO / segment. If you are considering the 10 EURO voucher, you are traveling to Dusseldorf FREE OF CHARGE! : )

Clear sky!

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