[RYANAIR offer] Prices from 2.99 EURO / segment for flights from Oradea

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Ryanair has launched today, 20 July, an extraordinary promotion for Oradea. Rates from only 2,99 EURO / segment for travelers in September, thus ensuring customers greater savings.

Prices from 2.99 EURO / segment for flights from Oradea

The seats sold at these extraordinary promotional rates are now available for bookings, until Sunday (July 11th) at midnight and can only be found on Ryanair.com.

Denis Barabas, Ryanair, said: “Our lightning promotion is perfect for anyone looking to book a low-cost autumn getaway, and we have cut prices by offering selected places in Oradea, from only 2,99 € for trips in September. This incredible offer will end at midnight, Sunday, so we urge customers to access www.ryanair.com for reservations. "


Unfortunately, by the time this article was published, Ryanair had not uploaded the 2.99 EURO / segment ticket promotion into the system. Instead, you can take advantage of the price of 7.99 EURO / segment for Memmingen or 9.99 EURO / segment for Milan Bergamo. Be vigilant and take advantage of RYANAIR prices!

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