[Ryanair offer Timisoara] air tickets from 6 EURO

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Today, July 11th, Ryanair has launched an extraordinary promotion for Timisoara: 40% discount for all routes from Timisoara to / from Germany for trips in September.

Air tickets to 6 EURO

This special discount applies to flights booked on 3 routes from Timisoara to / from Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt and is valid until Sunday (24 July), at midnight (24: 00 GMT), only on Ryanair.com/ro.

From our checks, the rates start from NOT EURO / segment for destinations in Germany. The discount applies when booking.


We remind you that Ryanair will open base in Timisoara. It will connect Timisoara with the key business centers of Europe, through frequencies and timetables suitable for business people. It will operate flights to Brussels, Bucharest, London, Milan, Dusseldorf Weeze, Frankfurt and Berlin.

This weekend, Ryanair offers 40% discount for flights to Dusseldorf Weeze, Frankfurt and Berlin departing from Timisoara. The trips must be made in September.

You will find very good rates for the other routes, the price starting from 10 EURO / segment for Bucharest and Brussels; 13 EURO / segment for London and 17 EURO / segment for Milan.

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